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We are a family originally from the states of Jalisco and Colima. We arrived in the city of Tijuana, BC on December 28, 1960, very young and eager to work and get ahead. Later, in 1974, we bought this land without water and without vegetation, in which we have worked with great care, planting every tree and palm tree, as well as a vineyard and a citrus orchard. In 1989, we permanently moved to this beautiful Valle de Guadalupe and have become rooted in this land as have our trees. Over time, we built pools and cabins that have been characterized as having a 100% family atmosphere. Venturing later to produce our own artisan wines, called Viñedos de Santana and Misión de Guadalupe, using carefully selected grapes from our Rancho María Teresa vineyards. Today we are a hotel and winery, we continue with a 100% family environment  and we are working under the rules of Clean&Safe Hotel Ensenadato provide a safe environment.

Your health and our health is a priority.

Our objective is and will continue to be to offer the best quality in our products and in our service.

We ask our visitors to take care of the water and the environment to preserve thenatural resources of the Guadalupe Valley and our Baja California. 

Santana Orozco Family

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